The Velocity Model

We Build Drugs, Not Companies.™

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How We Work

Our goal is to acquire attractive drug candidates and rapidly advance the candidate through development to a commercially relevant clinical proof-of-concept relying on a single expert team of experienced pharmaceutical industry veterans.

Many companies, large and small, for a variety of reasons find themselves unable to support the cost of taking a promising preclinical candidate through clinical development and to the market. Strategic priorities and economic realities often keep promising blockbuster compounds on the shelf and companies often struggle to generate value from these assets.

With Velocity's business model, a project focused company (PFC) is established as a legal structure to hold intellectual property, data and know-how for the development program acquired from the originator. Velocity Pharmaceutical Holdings (VPH) invests in the PFC as capital is required to fund the candidate development, which is designed and managed by Velocity Pharmaceutical Development (VPD). Equity in the PFC is split between the originator, the investor (VPH) and the VPD management team. Following clinical development and assuming success in the proof-of-concept study, the PFC is sold to a pharmaceutical company acquirer. Proceeds from the sale are then distributed to PFC shareholders.

In the course of defining clinical development strategy for
the PFC programs, VPD incorporates consideration of 
market factors in order to achieve commercially meaningful proof-of-concept data, or more aptly,
proof-of-relevance data. Velocity deploys capital efficiently and drives value creation in the PFC
program to an inflection point that is desirable by pharmaceutical acquirers.

What We Look For

Velocity is exclusively focused on evaluating small and large molecule drug candidates that are in late pre-clinical or early clinical stage.


< 3.5 years to human Proof Of Concept

≤ $15M to human Proof of Concept

Potential to differentiate target product profile

Unmet medical need

We will evaluate your drug candidate in a collaborative process, provided it meets our basic benchmark for investment. In addition to the criteria listed above, we are interested in receiving non-confidential information from prospective partners describing your drug candidate's R&D history, data, intellectual property protection and relevant competitive, market and commercial data.

Submit a Drug Candidate

We are no longer seeking submissions for investment

If we conclude an agreement to acquire rights to your drug candidate, we will commit to a stringent and intelligent experimental design.

Velocity invests in drug candidates and not companies.