What We Do

Velocity Pharmaceutical Development acquires drug candidates and rely on a single expert team of experienced pharmaceutical industry veterans to rapidly move them forward to clinical proof of concept.

How We Work

Our model provides partners with a compelling alternative strategy for the development of their drug candidates.
We build drugs, not companies.™

The Velocity Model

The Velocity management team has the experience, relationships and expertise to drive drugs to the key human clinical data that catalyze attractive transactions.

Who We Are

Velocity's world class development team includes CEOs, Chief Medical Officers and Executives that have successfully led the development and registration of a wide range of human therapeutics for leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

We Build Drugs, Not Companies.™

Velocity Pharmaceutical Development (VPD) was formed by Presidio Partners to make majority ownership, controlling purchases of drug candidates and to develop these candidates using a cost-efficient "build to sell" model. VPD's strategy is to create, invest in, and manage a portfolio of "project-focused companies," each of which contains a single drug candidate acquired from a third party. VPD designs and executes the clinical development program for each of these drug candidates.

VPD acquires rights to individual therapeutic drug candidates from biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies and academia, and invests in their development through clinical proof-of-concept (generally demonstration of human safety and efficacy in Phase 2a trials). Following proof-of-concept, VPD seeks to sell each drug asset to a major pharmaceutical company. There is a robust demand by pharmaceutical acquirers for products with commercially relevant human clinical data.

Drug Candidate Acquisition

Project Focused Companies

The Velocity model provides partners a compelling alternative strategy for the development of their drug candidates. By partnering with VPD, the owner of the drug candidate can achieve the funding needed to take the drug candidate to clinical proof-of-concept while accessing a world-class team to design and manage the development program.

VPD's Pipeline consists of project focused companies (PFC) containing drug candidates acquired from third parties and in robust development programs managed by VPD. Upon achieving positive proof-of-concept, we manage the process to sell the individual PFCs to interested pharmaceutical company acquirers.